Giving Back to The westside..

A food drive is a form of charity that is conducted but a group of individuals or a corporation to stockpile and distribute food to people who cannot afford it but in this case it was slightly different. Instead of not being able to afford it, there was just no access to essential resources.

The events following George Floyd death caused by police brutality triggered a uproar in the city of Chicago which led to non peaceful protests and looting. When the looting occurred it minimized local stores, stores that some people in our community depends on causing the lack of resources.

The event was organized Qurissy x the John Walt Foundation.

There was more than enough food and supplies donated and there were plenty people out ready to assist and volunteer to the people of our community. PivotGang, JoeFreshGoods, Des Money and other WestSide greats were in attendance. When I heard that there would be a event on the WestSide I was thrilled to be apart of it. There are tons of positive ways to channel your frustration with all that is occurring in the USA. Giving back to my community was fun and therapeutic. You will never know how fulfilling it is to help people until you do it!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

For updates on upcoming volunteering events follow Outwest,IL on Instagram!

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