Ways to build your brand without having to leave your home.

Due to COVID there were plenty of things that was robbed from me that was very beneficial to building my brand and business. Things like pop up shops/network events, photo shoots and just being out in the public and being able to deliver my services in a word of mouth form. At first the thought of these things being taken away from me was devastating but I was able to easily adjust. 

Since I was aware of the changes and new restrictions in the world, it was time to sit and plan strategic and effective ways to keep my audience’s attention and to gain a new one. Once I slept on the ideas I had, it was then time to execute them and with a reasonable budget set I was able to. 

Out Door Marketing. I ride pass this exact corner (Central and Washington) and one day I noticed it. An opportunity for myself.  The same “Place AD HERE” bench was there for months vacant but my mind was not thinking on a high enough frequency until the day finally I called and inquired about the bench. Around this time we were in Phase 1 so there was nothing open, nothing to do, and nowhere to spend money so this helped my marketing budget to increase allowing me to purchase this type of ad space. This advertising technique brought me traffic and made me more credible to the people that was already aware of my services. Every time someone stopped, pass, walked by this intersection they are forced to look at the services I have to offer. Even if they do not need the service now, they know that I exist and that is the goal I want met. 

Presentation of Products on Social Sites. COVID prevented photo shoots from happening and since there was no where to go no one was taking pics in my merch like they normally would. Those two factors alone was extremely beneficial for my social platforms so I had to get creative. Pairing dope shoes with my tees was a strategy that worked. The shirt is dope alone but paring it with something else my audience can identify with made it better and sold the shirts quicker. Color Scheming my shirts to identify with holidays was effective as well. For example, June-teeth. I remember just posting the 1 shirt because a customer ordered it with the African flag colors. The next day I had 50 orders for the same exact shirt. Long story short…THERE IS A WAY.

Marketing promotional items. I believe marketing promotional items do not get the respect they deserve. Even if it is just a sticker or a pin, it has a life span longer than any piece of cloth. Yeah, the shirt represents me but ONLY when it is being worn which may not occur all the time. The shirt will spend more time in a drawer or a hamper UNSEEN. Not a sticker or pin. I’ve seen the sticker get placed on phones, laptops, and other tangible items that receive daily usage. You pretty much become a walking AD the more things (no matter how small) you put out into the world that references to you. You never have to leave the house for this. I simply place the promotional items in my orders when customers order merchandise.

Contact me now at Geechitee@gmail.com  to setup a time for a free initial consultation to discuss your business and goals!

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