Saint Millie x TheBirthdayTape.

Chicago creative Saint Millie is back again with his latest release coming 5/30, #TheBirthdayTape. A seven song celebration of life and overcoming ones battles. Dope raps over mellow, hard 808, boom bap beats. 

The tape features production from veteran producer C-sick, who provided the soundtrack for track 2, “Hustlers Prayer” and track 5 “More $”. Getemlouie gives us a classic Saint Millie sounding first track “Happy Birthday Intro” with great assistance from up and coming producer Intlmc which produces bulk of the tape along with a radio banger Yeezy Slides. “The Birthday Tape”  Drops 5/30 on all streaming platforms. 

Instagram: SaintMillie

Twitter: SaintMillie773

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