How to earn money from instagram reels.

Originally I assumed that only “Instagram Famous” people were the only ones qualified to receive a payout for views, but I was wrong! One day I was randomly strolling through Instagram when a notification popped up on my screen inviting me to join the Reel Bonus Program. I was in total shock but super excited to accumulate a new income. 

No one knows the exact qualifications to receive this opportunity because they pick creators at random. I do know that ENGAGEMENT is key! Here are a few things you can do while utilizing Instagram that will make you the right candidate: 
post consistenly.
Posting consistently will get your reel noticed by others and will help your content get pushed to other target audiences. The goal is to reach as many accounts as you can outside of your current following. 
Post Quality Content .
When you are posting on IG, have it thought out and planned. Post with Purpose! Make sure all videos/images is CLEAR with high definition. Make sure the angles are Top Tier. Yes, its this serious lol! The goal is to create eye catching content. 
Post Short Reels! 
Get to the point within 6-10 seconds of the video. We are on Instagram, not Netflix! Millions of people are scrolling non stop, so the goal is to produce content that gets your audience attention right away before they scroll past them.
Boost your Content on IG!
Even though boosting a post on IG cost, its worth it! When boosting content on IG, you can pick your target audience and pay for engagement for your page.  How I look at it is, everything you do is an investment anyways. Boosting content starts at $6 a week which isn’t bad at all especially if it brings traffic to your page! 
Moral to the story is, GET TO POSTING NOW! no content has to be perfect, it just have to be worth it! Buy a circle light and hit them angles so you can start getting paid 🙂 .

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