Resume Facts to apply in your job search.

Re-strategizing is the key! Through this list of resume facts, learn how to craft a winning resume today.

Did you know? 

1. A study suggests that 72% of the resumes received by a company are weeded out before a human ever sees it.

2. Hiring managers will disqualify applicants if there are spelling mistakes

3. 76% of resumes are discarded for having a  unprofessional email address. 

4. You only have a average of 6 seconds to capture the recruiters attention. 

5. 58% of hiring managers have caught a lie on a resume.

6. Only 10% of applicants who submit a resume will land a interview. 

7. 51 % of resumes contain irrelevant words negatively impacts your chance of getting hired. 

8. Using a professional resume writer can increase your chances of getting hired by 32%. 

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