Guide to win on NIKE SNKRS app.

If you do not have a bot and want to use the NIKE SNKRS App manually, here is a helpful guide you can use to increase your chances of winning:Picd

1. Actually ENTER the draw.

Set a alarm or whatever you have to do to remind yourself that a drop is happening. Its been plenty of times I would just forget. Even when the notification popped up on my phone, I’ve made the mistake of putting my phone down and missing a drop since there is only 9 minutes to enter the draw. Lastly, don’t get discourage. The way NIKE hands out L’s its not hard to be. Just know….it takes a few “NO’s” to get a “Yes” :).

2. Interact on SNKRS APP.

I went into the actual NIKE store and asked a employee about the SNKRS app and how I could increase my chances of winning. He shared with me that liking, participating, and sharing things from the feed and discover page could possibly help. This is Nike’s way of seeing who genuinely utilizing the app vs customers just wanting a popular shoe.

3. Enter the Draw whether you want the shoe or not.

I won shoes I didn’t want (returned them) but I did notice a pattern after doing so. I’ll end up winning a shoe I actually wanted after the fact. Even when a shoe comes out in Big Kids, Toddlers, or Infant enter the draw! When I was taking L’s back to back, I was taking W’s for my infant son (size 3c). Then I noticed that I’ll win a pair in my size after winning multiple times in his size.

4. Spend more money with Nike.

Even though its suppose to be a “random” draw, I do believe Nike is taking care of their loyal customers. I feel this way because I have friends that utilized the SNKRS app before it was a “thing” and they win every shoe, well at least that’s what it seems like. No matter what you buy from Nike, when you can scan your member pass every time you make a purchase to earn points that can possibly contribute to your future win!

It could be just luck or it can be a certain way to win. When in doubt,  still enter the draw:) GOOD LUCK.

SNKRS App Link: 

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