signs it is time to leave your job.

Every year you stay at a job with no signs of progression is a clear sign that it is time to leave. Whether the progression is monetary or personal growth, both should occur when you’re at a healthy company. 

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It may be time to quit your job, if: 

You Dread Going to Work. I don’t think anyone is absolutely “excited” to go to work but it shouldn’t be something that changes your mood completely. If you dread your job that means that you are waking up everyday unhappy. No money is worth being unhappy everyday for. 

You Vent About Your Job Too Much. Are you constantly complaining about work outside of work hours? A job should bring more positive than negative energy into your life. If its always a cause for complaint, that’s a sign that your job is not delivering satisfaction. 

There’s No Room for Advancement. Committing your time and energy to a company that won’t support the progress of your career, or grow with you, will end up hindering the development of your career in the long run. If you’re wondering whether you have stayed too long at your job, it might be time to take a look at moving on. 

You’re Bored. Work you’re doing for 8 hours a day should be mentally stimulating. Unfortunately, its impossible to stay excited if you’re doing the same thing every single day. This is not just a sign to leave but to tap into your real talents and become a entrepreneur. Imagine doing something you actually like for compensation everyday. That’s a dream job!

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