L.I.T.O Jordan


Born on the Westside of Chicago,IL. Walito “Lito” Jordan quickly found out it is a small chance to dodge the epidemic of gangs and drugs. He recognized at a early age that he wanted to do music, so he decided to put down the negativity and pick up the mic. Lito released multiple projects under the Label F.O.E (Family Over Everything). Lito is currently working on building a company that is fueled from his passions for music. The future looks bright for this young artist and entrepreneur.


Follow Lito Jordan on IG @foelitojordan




9 responses to “L.I.T.O Jordan”

  1. Lito’s music is what is needed in the Hip Hop genre now. He’s lyrical and not just a babbler. He stands for something greater than himself. #supportgoodmusic #foe

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  2. I support Lito 💯, dope tracks, lyrically unmatched. Can’t wait for the world to see his talent. Follow him on FB, Soundcloud and request his music on your local radio ✊🏾

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  3. Been hip to the whole FOE crew for about a year now. Best music I’ve heard out of Chicago yet. Can’t wait for the new tape Lito 🔥 Keep up the good work!!


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