Yung Stakks is not your typical hip-hop artist from Chicago, he doesn’t follow trends, his sound reflects real situations and actual events. His music touches subjects from cultivation, politics, the state of music, romance, fashion, the struggles of life and even death. His music is both laid back and full of energy, but his live show is all energy.

Stakks style can be described as hard, with substance, real, sharp, dark, gritty, against the grain but fly & flashy at the same time. His voice is hypnotic and changes tones from song to song. He is on the verge of making his mark & earning his respect in the game. In due time Yung Stakks’ plan is to bring back certain elements that include: party anthems. flashy raps, but also real hip-hop with topics people can relate to. Talented Yung Stakks, writes all of his own music, and records very often with an amazing work ethic, all with which will take him to greater heights.



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