The Face of Chicago: DJ MILTICKET


Dj Milticket always had a passion for music.  In 2008 a close friend of his, Blake, introduced him to the DJ profession. Being the ambitious person that Milticket is, he wanted to learn more but right before his eyes, Blake died in his arms at a college party. Months after the death of his great friend Blake, he started to further his career on his own.  He started to get the hang of it, putting his own DJ equipment together and started to educate himself more about Dj’n.Before he knew it he started to get gigs at local Chicago lounges, different events, and  social club parties. Milticket has been hosting different mixtapes for 2 years now and has worked with the best mixtape streaming outlet which is  My Mixtapez.


 Milticket is also Gherbo best known as “Lil Herb” official DJ.


“Ballin Like I’m Kobe” Tour

In December 2015 , G Herbo & DJ Milticket hit the road for the “Ballin Like I’m Kobe” tour in some of the top cities in the U.S.with guest appearances from Zuse, Mobsquad Nard and Skinny.

Each show was turnt out and did more numbers than it was anticipated.

Even though Dj Milticket is always on the go, his public relations team ensure that he always makes time for interviews.

” I am yo baby mama favorite DJ aka the peoples choice.”-Dj Milticket


To listen to songs hosted my DJ Milticket check out the link below:

DJ Milticket’s Instagram:@DJMILTICKET773

DJ Milticket’s Twitter:@DJMILTICKET7037

For mixtape hosting and other inquiries email:

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