Visuals By LPSL.

Lashaun Pierre SL originally from the west side of Chicago currently residing in Michigan furthering his videography, photography and African culture craft.From a tender age, Lashaun loved cameras. Disposables were his first encounter of what the world looked like through the eyes of another from a lens and once he was in high school, he was shown how much his love for the vision of still and focal life transpires. His college major is computer science and his passion is music so combining the two became a mission for him
 After having his fill with trying film and fundraising to turn his dreams into reality, he began developing LSPL or Lashaun Pierre Something Legendary. Lashaun has worked with many artists since first coming on the scene fundraising for LSPL such as SBE, Non’Challant, RellyRellRDC, Self Created Records, Jay Will and Shon Kels. His videos give you chillsand his visuals make you feel the words. He surely is working hard to make a name for himself by always uplifting black culture. LSPL is on the map but will be on top soon enough.

LPSL Dropped a visual reel for 2017 and 2018. You can see the improvements he made visually from last year to this year.

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