The South Bronx: Yungbreadish Keyz


IMG_2327Yungbreadish Keyz makes music that’s driven by life situations … You can hear the progress the love the pain the disappointment in every bar! Yungbreadish Keyz is a very honest & open artist with music as well with his life you can see his life when you hear his music “Money Mitch” is a minute or so Freestyle but full of quotable punch lines combined with a vicious delivery the second song on his Soundclound page is called “READY” where his catchy hook about the anticipation of the arrival of the opposite sex does its job!!! .. Not for nothing if YungBreadish Keyz keep cranking genuinely good music he will definitely have a bright future in the business!!

Follow Keyz on instagram @YungBreadish_Keyz



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