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  • Prophit- The Real

    Prophit- The Real

    Check out the lastest video from Prophit’s “Ghost of Hotrod” project. Prophit comes with that deep street poetry that he is  known for. Take a ride and listen to “The Real”. For more updates from Prophit➡️@RoyaltyProphit

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  • Why Hashtagging is powerful for your business.

    Why Hashtagging is powerful for your business.

    Hashtags refers to the usage of the pound or number symbol, “#,” to mark a keyword or topic on social media. Hashtags originated on Twitter and have since become common on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms. Hashtags can attract a audience that you didn’t know existed if you use it properly. Hashtags can…

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  • FINANCIAL Benefits of Donating.

    FINANCIAL Benefits of Donating.

    Even though your primary reason when donating should be a selfless concern of the well-being of others, I still believe you should know that great tax benefits exist for those who give. A gift to a qualified charitable organization may entitle you to a charitable contribution deduction against your income tax if you itemize deductions. You…

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  • Film n Chill; Chicago’s #1 Mobile Theater Company.

    Film n Chill; Chicago’s #1 Mobile Theater Company.

    During the recent pandemic we are not able to enjoy things we once enjoyed on our free time so why not bring the entertainment to you! Film N Chill is a black owned mobile movie theater that allows you to get a similar feel of a movie theather but in the comfort of your own…

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  • Ways to build your brand without having to leave your home.

    Ways to build your brand without having to leave your home.

    Due to COVID there were plenty of things that was robbed from me that was very beneficial to building my brand and business. Things like pop up shops/network events, photo shoots and just being out in the public and being able to deliver my services in a word of mouth form. At first the thought…

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  • Giving Back to The westside..

    Giving Back to The westside..

    A food drive is a form of charity that is conducted but a group of individuals or a corporation to stockpile and distribute food to people who cannot afford it but in this case it was slightly different. Instead of not being able to afford it, there was just no access to essential resources. The…

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