This is What Your Resume Is Missing.

A solid resume will set you apart from the other thousands of applicants and will land you that interview you always wanted! First you must ensure that your resume does not get skipped when employers are skimming through them. With that in mind, here are some items that might be missing from your resume today.

An Opening Statement. 

Summarize in two to three sentences why you’re the ideal candidate in the very beginning and use language from the job posting to show that you’ve tailored your resume. Since some employers don’t require a cover letter, your resume and the summary in particular must be able to stand on its own.

Metrics/Hard Numbers.

Hiring managers love seeing quantifiable achievements, says Jane Horowitz, founder of More Than a Resume. Use hard numbers to highlight your accomplishments; for example, if you were the treasurer of a company, state that you managed $20,000 in funds for a 50-person organization.

Achievements and Awards.

Your resume should mention any special honors or commendations you’ve earned for outstanding performance and service. Don’t be shy when showcasing where you excel professionally.

Social Media Accounts.

Linking to your career-focused social media profiles and online presence can be a valuable addition to your professional resume, so be sure to include the URL for your LinkedIn profile, plus any career-focused website or online portfolio that you maintain. 

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