Ways to grow your audience on social media.

Local businesses use social media platforms to connect with their targeted audiences to sell products/services and raise awareness for their businesses. With an engaged following on social networks, brands can effectively spread the word. 

Identify your Audience. As you’re defining your social strategy goals, it’s time to identify your existing audience and your targeted audience. Whether you rely on personas or actual customer data, find out who your target audience is and curate content for them.

Create a Strong Brand Presence. If your company doesn’t have brand content that says “this is who we are,” people will feel lost or uncertain about the brand they’re interacting with. What services or products do you offer? Make it abundantly clear so when people see your logo, they know exactly who you are. 

Post Consistently. Whether it’s once or twice a week or something more frequent, regular, consistent posting lets your audience know you’re keeping them top of mind when thinking through your social media strategy. 

Build Relationships, Not just Followers. You can post content endlessly, but if you don’t interact with your followers, you’ll struggle to grow your account. Engage by interacting with customers, replying to responses, and reaching out to them first. Engagement is number one in building an audience that’s worthwhile. 

 Just using a few tips will take your business to the next level!

Source: https://www.benchmarkone.com/blog/grow-your-social-media-audience/


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