Don Parious x Mari Had A Little Lamb.

Even though we are in the middle of a pandemic this album was right on time. Soothing instrumentals and easy to vibe with beats were needed during these conflicting times.

 Mari Had A Little Lamb is by far one of Don P’s hottest projects. Each track will put you on a relaxing journey if you’re up for it. It is very much turn up music. That type of turn up when you’re in a chill environment with momentum vibes. Every track will give you a sudden relief feeling helping you escape the present for a moment.

Don P. is full of surprises with features from Mic Phloe, NeliChanel, Gritz and more!


Mari Had A Little Lamb released on 4/20 and although no one could celebrate together, this album was set out to put us all on one accord.

Mari Had A Little Lamb Now Streaming:

Don Parious · Mari Had A Little Lamb

Also Available on Itunes:


For Updates From Don Parious:

Twitter :DonParious

Instagram: @DonParious

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