Boss Affair Mixer (RECAP) Kalamoozo, MI.

The Boss Affair Summer Mixer made my first visit to Kalamazoo a great money making experience! The Boss Affair, hosted by Amber Ware, CEO of  MGHH, included myself and 20 + other vendors…

( Video Shot By @LPGWSL )

Cosmetics, Clothing, Food, and TONS of Accessories were sold at an affordable price!


The Mixer was held in the Girls Scout Heart of Kalamazoo on June 30th, 2019.

Tons of support from family and friends were in attendance!

There were entrepreneurs there as young as 4 years old!


It was beneficial to my brand to create a new target audience. You can become worldwide and not local if you expand your horizons.

Photo Cred @LPGWSL

Event : @MGHH 

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