How small businesses can benefit from a Networking Tour .

What is a Networking Tour?

It is a journey for networking purposes in which several different places are visited.

In 2018, I visited:

New York, twice. ($1,500+)

New Jersey ($800+)

North Carolina ($500+) 

Los Angeles, twice. (2,000+) 

So its safe to say I spent almost if not, $5,000 traveling last year. Had a ball each time too lol.

So,  I’m at home minding mines and my dad calls me and starts ranting,  “T, why are you always traveling for free! Why are you going out of town just to relax! Why are you not being productive each time you travel”. I never thought of it really. I mean, I thought vacation was suppose to be fun and a time to escape reality but he was right.  I have an entire business why am I not taking it with me? Why do I feel like my audience can only be from Chicago?

The Location Tees ( Outwest , IL , SouthSide, IL and etc.) does SEEM to target just Chicago, but it is people from Chicago that lives all over the US. People order shirts that’s from Outwest or OutSouth that now resides in Texas or California. The BUY BLACK Tees target audience is blacks and other minority groups that support that movement. Then I have my website that has the largest target audience. Selling ad space, promoting music, fashion , and events that can be useful to any one of any color or age.

Top Objectives on this tour:

  • Guerilla Marketing : This is a simple and cost effective technique. This is as easy as posting my flyer every where and passing out marking promotional items to link people back to me and what I do.

  • Attend Pop Up Shops : I’ve secured my spot in a pop up shop in Michigan and is hoping to do the same in the other three states. This will give me a chance to make connections with people that have never heard of me and give me additional exposure. This also increases my target audience and will help me gain followers from a city other then Chicago.

  • Making new friends: My objective is to meet new people and start a conversation to see if we connect. Maybe we share interests or beliefs or just find each other interesting. I want people to know that I am trustworthy and authentic and not trying to just “make a sale”.

  • Breaking Even:. Of course I would love to make the money back that I put into this tour, it is possible, but selling merch, making money, making connections,  being successful at these pop up shops will be signs that this tour was successful.

Who said vacationing cant be productive!

If you see your city listed, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I am open to any and all marketing projects ( Podcasts, Interviews, Features and Meet and Greets).



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