How to Support a Friend’s Business for FREE.


This by far is the easiest. If you see a post on social media with someones product or service click the like or heart icon. This simple acts allows other you’re connected with to discover the business.


By sharing or reposting a social media post you further help spread the word about someones business. Now other people you’re connected to will be able to discover a product they’ve been looking for.


By following someones business on social media you help them get more exposure. You’ll also be able to readily see their content so you can like or share it.


Comments are huge. Did you know that Instagram will rank someones picture higher if they have several multi word comments under a photo? Take a quick second to say something.


If there is a way to rate a business on any platform take the time to do it. If it’s a physical location rate them on places like Google Maps or Yelp. If it’s a podcast rate them on iTunes. Better yet, if you love what they’re doing offer to give them a testimonial for their website.


When you’re out and hear someone talking about a topic similar to the business of your friend/family be sure to mention their business. Spreading the word can be as simple as mentioning the business name and encouraging them to Google the company to find out more information.


If you like the product, buy it! What better way to say you believe in the product. Try not to get freebies. That can sometimes devalue what someone is doing.


Sometimes business owners just need a helping hand. Be there for them if they need you to help make something, man the booth, or help plan/host an event. That can really help someone who is just starting out or overwhelmed. Also, don’t expect payment if you’re doing it out the kindness of your heart.


If your friend/family is having an event, class, being awarded  or are part of a show try to be there for them. Show up and participate in the event.


This is HUGE. You might be tempted to say this is a bad idea or you shouldn’t be doing this, but remember sometimes people just need your encouragement to succeed. Just because it’s not a choice you would make, doesn’t make it a bad choice.

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