Unsolicited Advice is not needed.

Unsolicited advice is advice that is unwanted, unwelcomed, uninvited and never asked for. When it comes to unsolicited advice, there is often a divide between our intention and our effect. The next time you are ready to voice your opinion about something someone else is doing and how they are doing it understand the energy you are putting out when this is done.

People do not realize that offering unwanted advice is not seen as caring. Instead it is seen as invasive (tending to intrude on a person’s thought) because the agenda is to get the other person to change rather than trying to understand why they are making the choices they are making.

Even if we might love the person we are trying to advise, our desire to advise without being asked is a means of stripping them of their power and pulling them further away from their deep inner self that likely already knows what the right thing to do is.

My first real experiences with unsolicited advice is when I started running a business. I’ll discuss upcoming projects I was working on and the first thing I hear is “Awww, you should do this”. No, YOU SHOULD do it because at this point I didn’t ask you LOL. Then its from people that have no experience in what you are trying to do . Strange right!? This is discouraging energy that people all over the world has to deal with.

It is fine to control what we can control which is our OWN choices, but trying to control what we cant is not needed and can be exhausting any way. We are helpless over others choices and we need to accept that.

When is the right time to give advice?

When you are asked too!


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