Don P. Releases “Groupiiies”.

Parious Green also known by his stage name Don Parious is a talented entertainer and entrepreneur. Parious, 27 years old describes his rap style/sound as lyrical and soulful. Parious’ musical influences include Jay Z, No Limit, R Kelly, Andre 3000, Kanye West and Missy Elliot. The Chicago native aspires to change lives and spread positive vibrations one track at a time.

Parious released his first Ep “The Medication” in the Winter 2016 and has since created a buzz online and at several live venues across the Midwest region. Parious created the project after surviving a horrific car accident earlier that year. Don Parious said he is using his music and voice as a vessel to help others pursue their dreams. He currently mentors and tutors youth on the west side of Chicago, spreading his message of relentlessness and positivity. Parious’ endeavors don’t just stop at music, his clothing line “Imperious Society” is a unique expression of urban streetwear with a fresh new appeal.

Since the release of Parious’ first Ep “The Medication” he has been perfecting his craft and building connections with other artists and producers across the country. His catchy new single “Groupiiies” tells the story of an entertainer faced with the delimma of countless groupies. Don Parious debuted the music video for the single “Groupiiies”July 11th, 2018 via youtube. Parious’ upcoming EP “The Meditation” will be released later this year. He said we can expect his new project to be a representaton of his growth as an artist as well as a human being.

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