Are They Really Your Friend?

Friendship is simply an intimate relationship between friends. Not that intimate of course, but once your feelings are involved and expectations are set , you have officially entered an intimate relationship. Unfortunately, we tend to put our complete focus on the relationships we have with a significant other over a friendship that nine out of ten will last longer than any relationship we enter. Friendships can be powerful things, but sometimes people’s opinions about one another change. We can criticize , critique, and analyze a significant other but we refuse to do it with friends that want access to us for a lifetime. The people that have the ability to make us feel 10x worse than our worst ex, we refuse to question them.

 Instead of addressing the wrong doings of your friends, lets just ensure that we are being a ethical friend ourself . A few signs that you are not a Friend, well not a good one:

  •  Competitive. Out of the 7.442 Billion people walking this earth, you choose to compete with your Friend ? You never want to see your friend doing better than you so instead of glowing up with them you you attempt to glow on them like you’re better than them. Instead of being happy for your friend , you often feel bitter when they  are able to acquire things you don’t have. You may be a undercover hater
  • Non-Accountability. When accountability partners are absent, friendships get destroyed. You can’t possibly think you’re a good friend when you can’t hold your friend accountable for the f*ck up things they do, when you can’t tell them the truth , when you unblindly watch them fail in certain areas in their life and not have a single word to say about it. That’s not a bad friend , that’s a terrible friend .
  • Free-Loader. We all have those very courteous and giving friends that would give their last to us. We have to be careful that we’re not taking advantage of their generosity by not ever giving them anything in return. A friendship is a two-way street and if you just choose to take from your friend without reciprocating it you’re not a friend you’re just trifling.
  • Untrustworthy . Why can’t anyone ever tell you anything without you always going behind their back and sharing it. Someone is reaching out to you telling you their business simply because they feel as if they can trust you.  Why risk your friendship and your reputation because you can’t hold water. Find something else to discuss with your other friends other than your friend.

Friendships mean different things to different people . It’s never too late to become a better friend. Before we can point fingers at our friends, we first have to make sure we’re being the best friend that we know how to be . If there is something wrong, you may try to fix it , or it might be best to end the friendship.

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