Top 5 Travel Hacks



1. Buy a portable phone charger.


It’s always great to have one on reserve in case an emergency arises; or perfect for people that just like being on their phone all day doing completely nothing :/. Still very useful 🙂

2. Email yourself a scan of your passport, ID and Itineraries.


You’ll thank yourself later for this. You just never know when you’ll become a victim of theft or loss. If you’ve booked any flights whether you’re on your phone , laptop or tablet, make sure you screenshot them while you have WiFi or internet access so you can accesss them when you’re no longer connected. 

3. Dress very comfortable but be fly.

Choose your fabrics wisely. It’s no need to do the complete most, it’s just the airport. The majority of the time spent at a airport involves lounging. Sneakers, track pants, and a sweater will do the job. Stylish sneakers, track pants , and sweater is a plus. You just never know who you will run into ; a celebrity , someone you know, or a potiental boo lol. Stay ready;).

4. Sanitize any and everything you come in contact with while traveling.


Studies have shown that’s 81% of hotel room surfaces contains fecal bacteria. Airplane seats covers and the tray tables in the coach sections may not get daily cleanings. Disinfecting wipes can be used to clean door handles, bathroom countertops, sink and shower faucets, toilet flushes and more.

5. Ball on a Budget.

Piggybank and calculator

Plan your budget ahead when traveling. Know exactly how much you want to spend each trip and stick to it . Even though it’s ideal to want to do everything when you visit a place , it’s not always affordable . Plan ahead. Create a itinerary of the things you want to do when you land and map it out around the budget you  have . 




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