BBB United’s New Single “Austin Powers” is on the Rise


Big. Bank. Bros. United has been involved with music since they were little, but as a group BBB entered the music industry in 2008 as a hobby during high school. After a series of unfortunate events in 2016, BBB felt compelled to change their field of work to something they loved even if it required no profit at all.

 BBB, which stands for “Big Bank Bros” became BBB United after years of being in business with one another and gaining the understanding of how important team work is and how necessary it is to accomplish any goals set forth. Here are four brothers united under a single definite purpose to become highly successful.


For more updates on the group, follow their Instagram @bbbunited !

BBB United current project is  “Back To Life Volume 1” and the first single to be released is “Austin Powers”.   The group enters the industry with Austin Powers produced by Chicago’s hottest producer SaintTheGoodBoy to light up the whole Summer ’17. 

BBB United is always organized thanks to their well known Project and Brand Manager, Veshaunte who can be found on Instagram as @V_TheBrand 


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