UnForgiving Co Release Party 2016

Unforgiving Co release party was one for the books. Featuring garments by Chicago’s very own, Deandre aka Mr. Unforgiving himself. This event was produced by Unforgiving’s Project Manager, V_TheBrand.  The release party included a pre-show cocktail reception with appetizers, live entertainment by Dj Victoriouz, and a runway show featuring several models. Everyone in attendance was dressed to impress and spreading great vibes and energy.

unnamed2Over a 100 people came out to Chicago’s West Loop for this dope event . The show took place on Saturday, November 19th, from 7-11 p.m. The venue was beautiful, spacious,  and appropriate for the event!

capture( Instagram: @UnforgivingCo_)

Before leaving, I was able to document a quick interview with the CEO of Unforgiving himself:

GT: “Sooooo tell me about your clothing line, what was your motivation to get this off the ground? How has the line developed since it first launched?”

Unforgiving : “I first started getting into clothing industry 3 years ago. I’ve always had a hustler’s mentality so I wanted to take that skill and use it towards something positive and that would resonate with a larger audience.  My children are also my motivation to strive for greater and to have something to fall back on.”


GT: “How did you come up with the name “Unforgiving”? What does it mean”

Unforgiving:” Unforgiving is an all-around theme in everyone’s life. Nothing  is unforgivable. Mistakes can be triumphs.”

 GT:” Did you guys receive good feedback from the Fashion Show?”

Unforgiving : “Yes there was a lot of great feedback with the line.  Its been an eye opening experience. Its showed me my true supporters and those that weren’t so happy for my progress.”

GT: “What skills are important for a successful career in fashion design?”

Unforgiving: “Hardwork, dedication, research, lots of trial and error from a production standpoint.”

Shop UnForgiving Now!



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