Chicago Bulls Schedule for Regular Season


 Chicago Bulls VS…….

October 27th- Cleveland Cavaliers (HOME OPENER)

October 28th- Brooklyn Nets (ROAD)

October 30th- Detroit Pistons (ROAD)

November 1st – Orlando Magic (HOME)

November 3rd- Charlotte Hornets (ROAD)

November 5th- Oklahoma City Thunder (HOME)

November 7th- Minnesota Timber Wolves (HOME)

November 9th- Philadelphia 76ers (ROAD)

November 13th- Charlotte Hornets (HOME)

November 16th- Indiana Pacers (HOME)

November 18th- Phoenix Suns (ROAD)

November 20th- Golden State Warriors (ROAD)

November 24th- Portland Trail Blazers (ROAD)

November 27th- Indiana Pacers (ROAD)

November 30th- San Antonio Spurs (HOME)

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